Going Electric Pays

Fully Electric Vehicles are eligible for the Government Electric Vehicle Grant.

The future is now electric and Auto Sales Limited is both a pioneer and an industry leader in the sphere of electric cars in Malta, importing and servicing hybrid, as well as full electric, vehicles.

This electric journey began back in 2013. At that time Renault had teamed up with the Government of Malta to launch the Demo-EV initiative. This project, launched under the auspices of the European Union, offered the latest Renault electric vehicles (EV) to a number of volunteers who documented their experience of driving an EV on Maltese roads over a period of over 6 months. In line with this initiative Auto Sales was entrusted by Renault to support the Renault ZE (Zero Emissions) range.

Electric cars offer many benefits including a clean environment as well as low running and maintenance costs. Some electric car models are also eligible to Electric Vehicle Grants. In fact Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure offers a scheme in the form of a grant to incentivize the purchase of Battery Electric Vehicles. A grant of €6,000 is given when registering an electric vehicle. The grant varies in between a maximum of either €6,000 in case of a new vehicle registration or a maximum of €7,000 in case of scrapping an old vehicle to be replaced with a new electric vehicle. In order to benefit from these government grants one has to abide with Transport Malta’s T&Cs* In addition as from 2018 onwards no registration tax is paid when opting to buy a new electric vehicle as well as no licence fee is paid for the 5 years.

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*Details are quoted from the Transport Malta site as at January 2019 and one should always refer to the Authority for full grant details and eligibility and the latest updates on this scheme.