Test-drive pre-booking now open: All-New Clio

Auto Sales Ltd – Kind’s welcomes Renault’s All-New Clio in Malta, the fifth opus of its icon. Clio has become the Renault Group’s worldwide best-seller as the Group sold over 15 million units ever since its first release, in 1990. 

An Exterior Evolution – featuring a modern and expressive design

More elegant and dynamic from all angles, the All-New Clio inherits the sensual shapes of the previous generation. The new model gains in expressiveness while keeping its sleek profile. At the front, the hood incorporates ribs for a sculpted effect. The grille is bigger, and the front bumper is more pronounced with a very expressive central air scoop that promotes good engine cooling. The body has been lowered for better aerodynamics and extra athleticism. The 17-inch wheels (available on the R.S Line) enhances the new model’s dynamic look. Details such as the shark fin antenna (optional), the 100% LED lights, the flush tailgate and the chrome-plated side-window surrounds serve to modernize the exterior and improve perceived quality.

All- New Renault Clio
All- New Renault Clio

“The upper surface of the dashboard is foamy, the headbands and door panels are also made of soft-touch material, as are the armrests and the contour of the central console. Their touch is really pleasant.” Magali Gouraud, Interior designer

A modern and technological “smart cockpit”

The various elements of the cabin form the “Smart Cockpit” of the All-New Clio, whose emblematic piece remains this large 9.3-inch multimedia screen (available only on R.S Line). It is simply the largest multimedia screen ever seen at Renault, and of the segment. Like the rest of the dashboard, it is slightly oriented towards the driver.

All- New Renault Clio
All- New Renault Clio

It’s not just the driver who is pampered on board the All-new Clio. Rear passengers enjoy better interior space thanks to the special design of the seats and their semi-soft, inground shells.

The All-New Renault Clio sparks an interior revolution

This internal revolution makes the All-New Clio the pioneer of a new generation of Renault. Well-being, habitability, pleasure and technology are in the spotlight in a modern, ergonomic and qualitative cabin. Perceived quality and driving station ergonomics were set as priorities for the All-new Clio. The cabin takes on a new dimension in perceived quality with high-end materials, a soft coating on the dashboard, door panels and central console surround, and meticulously finished furnishings. Featuring a more compact design to free up space and integrating more in-car technologies, the All-New Clio’s modernistic “Smart Cockpit” is driver-focused. The wave-like shape underlines the impression of width. Equipped with the widest screens in the segment, it provides resolutely modern ergonomics for a more immersive driving experience. The All-New Clio also makes innovations unique to the segment broadly accessible, among them an electric parking brake, which is particularly useful in city driving.

All-new Clio interior
All-new Clio interior

Three trim levels are available; Play being the entry level trim, Iconic being the mid-range and R.S Line being the fully loaded trim. The All-New Clio RS Line boasts tinted rear windows, rear view camera and front sensors to mention a few features.

 Excited to drive the All-New Renault Clio?

Pre-bookings are now open to test-drive the All-New Renault Clio. Send an e-mail to sales@autosales.com.mt to pre-book your test-drive today!  

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