Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid Range

The Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid Range.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, also known as PHEVs, combine an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The battery can be charged by plugging a charging cable into an external power source. If you run out of range, simply switch to the combustion engine, and recharge when it’s next convenient for you. 

Plug-in hybrid cars emit much lower emissions than their combustion engine equivalents, which contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air. 

Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid models are fitted with innovative technology to make your driving experience a pleasant one whilst efficiently maximizing your electric driving range. 


Cheaper running costs

Short journeys can be completed purely on the electric battery, reducing your fuel costs

Lower emissions

Requiring less fuel, lowers the amount of emissions, contributing to cleaner air

Zero road
license fee

Plug-in hybrids registered in Malta are exempt from road license fee for the first 5 years

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