The Legend Lives On

Tough, versatile and safe, it’s no wonder the legend of Canter spans decades. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, this highly awarded light truck can be configured for almost any light-duty application. Built to maximize efficiency and protect your bottom line by letting you focus on the most important job at hand – running your business – the Canter’s versatility is endless. 

At a glance


3.5t | 6.0t | 6.5t | 7.5t | 8.55t


2,500 mm | 2,800 mm | 3,400 mm 3,850 mm | 4,300 mm | 4,750 mm*
*4×4 wheelbases deviating: 3,415 mm | 3,865 mm


130 PS | 150 PS | 175 PS


standard (width: 1.695 m)
comfort (width: 1.995 m)
crewcab (width: 1.995 m)

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Starting from €38,550 

3.5T, standard single cabin, 2500mm wheelbase, 130bhp

VAT included

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For inner-city distribution, sometimes more than just one truck is needed – because there are many different challenges:
delivery routes through narrow Maltese streets full of parked cars; heavy loads; deployment in difficult off-road terrain; or for particularly low-emission driving.

Often, the benefit your truck provides can be down to the difference between a few centimeters in body dimensions, or a few extra kilogrammes of load-bearing capacity.
With the FUSO Canter and the body solutions ex-factory, you can get the very most from your vehicle whatever its purpose.

With over 50 variations, the Canter is truly the versatile option to fit your business needs. From horticulture and landscaping to public service;
Construction to delivery service, you are sure to find the model that suits your purpose.

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Clean. Powerful. Safe. Seamlessly Integrated into Society

The FUSO eCanter is the first all-electric truck in series production – especially designed for inner-city distribution to the last mile. As a 7.49t vehicle, it has a range of more than 100km, an output of 129kW and chassis payload of up to 4.29t.

Its all-electric platform ensures great performance, and less vibrations reduce driver fatigue. The eCanter offers lower maintenance cost and greater energy efficiency combined with state-of-the-art safety features.

Bringing people, society and the future closer through transportation — a new era for logistics begins with the eCanter.