Charged up. And ready to go.

The smart e-bike is a further way of getting around the city easily and stylishly.

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Technical Specifications

*Price is inclusive of government grant (€400)

smart ebike: Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle)

Technical data

-Drive: Motor brushless BionX electric rear-wheel hub motor
-Power: 250 W nominal
-Max. speed for propulsion boost: 25 km/h
-Max. torque: 35 Nm
-Gear shift: SRAM I-Motion 3 (integrated 3-speed hub gear system)
-Recuperation: yes
-Drive/generator levels: 4 each
-Battery (removable) Type: lithium-ion
-Capacity: 423 Wh
-Voltage: 48 V
-Charging time: (0–100%) approx. 5 hours (20–80%) approx. 3 hours
-Charging cycles: at least 80% residual capacity over 2 years and 500 full cycles guaranteed
-Range: up to 100 km
-Frame & Fork: smart design Material: aluminium
-Size: M
-Lighting: Busch & Müller, smart design Lighting – front: LED technology with daytime running lamp function Lighting – rear: LED technology with daytime running -lamp function
-Tyres: Tyres (front/rear): Continental EcoContact Plus, 26″ x 1.75″ Spokes (front/rear): smart design
-Brakes: Magura MT4, hydraulic disc brakes, Ø 180 mm, with recuperation function
-Weight: 26.1 kg
-Max. load: 114 kg (incl. luggage)
-Dimensions (W x L x H): 75.5 cm x 173.5 cm x 99 cm

The smart e-bike is eligible for the Government Grant, discover more via:-


Customisation Options

Options on body colour, interior look and various packages available. Forward us your preferences and customise your vehicle today!