Kind’s donates funds to The Ladybird Foundation

All children have a right to play, to laugh, to have a childhood. Yet some children go through difficult times – hospital stays, painful treatments, devastating conditions that affect or even eliminate their ability to make friends, have fun and enjoy their childhood. For this reason, Auto Sales Ltd- Kind’s donates funds to NGOs to help these children.

The Ladybird Foundation

The Ladybird Foundation does its best to try and address this imbalance even if just in a small way. Using funds raised from the general public it seeks to bring some measure of joy or relief to seriously, critically or terminally ill children, or those with serious conditions that affect their quality of life.

Younger children and their families have been sent to experience the magic of EuroDisney as VIP guests; some have been sent to watch their favourite football teams and meet their idols; others have been sent on cruises,  or to meet Father Christmas in Lapland or to watch their favourite artists in concert. Still others have benefited from communication devices, or accessibility tools that help those with visual or aural challenges to better navigate their world.

Kind’s Auto Sales Donation

As part of the 90th Anniversary celebrations, Auto Sales Ltd – Kind’s will be reserving a part of the sale proceeds of each vehicle sold in a special fund. We are using the monies gathered to make a donation to an NGO every quarter. The NGOs have been chosen in such a way as to cover three different sectors, namely those that aim to promote Maltese promising musical talent, those that work for the preservation of Maltese heritage and those who help people with medical or special needs. In respect of the latter, Karen Sammut, one of the Directors of Auto Sales Ltd. – Kind’s, recently present The Ladybird Foundation with a donation.

Auto Sales Ltd – Kind’s is confident that The Ladybird Foundation will support many others in the years to come.