Going Electric – it’s Never too Late!

Compared to just a decade ago, there is a lot more choice when it comes to buying an electric car. Short-range Electric Vehicles (EV) have been around for years, and long-range, mass-market EVs have also started to arrive!

Mr Edgar Cassar visited Kind’s this year with one item on his agenda, to change to Electric! He went on to purchase his first electric vehicle, a smart EQ fortwo.

This may seem unnewsworthy but here’s the spin, Mr. Cassar was born on the 24th October, 1943! He celebrated his 75th birthday this year, and also became our oldest client to own a smart EQ fortwo!

Mr Cassar believes that the whole island should drive an electric vehicle – with ZERO EMISSIONS – and he hopes others will follow in his steps after seeing it is never too late, or early, to change. He wished his car was more easily identifiable as an electric vehicle, so others would become aware of their availability. Kind’s full filled his wish by personalising his smart EQ, so that vehicles behind his will definitely note that they were witnessing the future in front of them, an electric vehicle!

Whilst we sincerely thank Mr Cassar for his custom, we also nominate him for the best number plate abbreviation we have come across this year: AGJCHSPE. These are not just letters, but a message; Almighty God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Protect Edgar!  All the team at Kind’s resounds this message and wishes him a safe onward journey.

Discover the smart EQ range here!

Mr E. Cassar’s smart EQ fortwo