Mercedes Me

For nearly a century, Mercedes Benz has been perfecting the driving experience. With the introduction of the Mercedes me Portal, Mercedes me Connect and Mercedes Me app, this experience can now be taken with you anywhere.

Anyone can open an account on Mercedes me Portal ( One does not have to own a connected vehicle. From this portal one can access many services, like booking an appointment for your car, and finding your closest dealer. New vehicles which are “connected”, can also access many services from the portal if the user clicks on the Mercedes me Connect tile.

Both Mercedes me Connect in the portal and the Android or iOS app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Store and Apple app store respectively, act as a HUB for all your vehicle’s information. They are a personalised tool to make daily life even more simple through use of its 24/7 global connection to your Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Mercedes Benz’s latest innovation is not just a car app, but a suite of mobile services and information that give you access to every aspect of the Mercedes Benz lifestyle.  Peace of mind and connectivity are the core pillars of this service.  Through a simple swipe on your smart phone, tablet, or through a couple of clicks on your desktop you can access a wealth of information about your Mercedes Benz vehicle, such as information about where your car has been in the last few hours and even whether your car is due for maintenance, without even sitting in your vehicle.

Do you often worry about whether you had actually locked your Mercedes Benz minutes after walking away from it? Via the Mercedes Me app, unlocking and locking your vehicle can easily be complete through its interface. Further comfort features within the Mercedes Me app include activating geofencing at the touch of a button and never stressing about where you parked your car due to its innovative vehicle finder and much more. In the event of an accident all Mercedes Benz vehicles come equipped with an SOS button that is triggered under specific conditions or can be triggered by the driver. This puts your mind at rest that when unforeseen circumstances arise, you and your passengers are all in good and reliable hands.

The luxury experience of driving a Mercedes Benz vehicle is now being extended into your daily life, which can tapped into at all times from your pocket. Through the Mercedes Me app your Mercedes Benz vehicle may be parked in your garage, but at the same time it is with you in your living room, in the office, at the airport and everywhere in between.

To watch videos of the Mercedes Me app in use, visit Mercedes Benz Malta’s facebook page. Be sure to Like our page to be kept up to date with announcements regarding future app function releases throughout 2018!